Upcoming ECCC 2019 Panels and Talks

I’ve been invited to speak on some very cool panels at Emerald City Comic Con this year! The topics will range from how to own your space as a Womxn entrepreneur, properly lighting product photography, and why Donkey Kong Country is the GOAT. You can tweet me questions leading up to the panels @jazzlynstone.
Note: I’ll be editing this list as meet ups and panels are added!

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Daily Threes- A Morning Ritual To Look Anxiety In The Eye And Tell It To Fuck Off

After filling out the four sections, I read them aloud. Do you know how dumb it feels to announce to your furniture, “I’m afraid that every human being hates me”? Really fucking dumb. And it should, because that fear is incredibly lame, yet feels powerful because it’s hiding in the shadows. Fears build in the darkness. Insecurities breed on things left unsaid. They feel powerful and scary until you say them aloud, and realize they were never that tough to begin with, and you are much stronger.

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Jazzlyn Stone