May I Make A Recommendation...

I love making lists. Honestly, truly love making lists.

If I were honest with myself, when someone asked “What do you like doing for fun?” I’d proudly respond “making lists and buying office supplies” because that is who I have become. So what better way to start my blog than to use it as an excuse to make a list of lists? Here are some areas I spend a lot of my free time in, and the favs I have come to love in those fields. Is this a listicle? Fuck yeah it is!

Apparel + Accessories

  Espionage Cosmetics
Cute and easy nail wraps

Fandom in Everyday Fashion
 The Colorful Geek
Chic geek apparel and accessories

 The Underdog Co.
 Black Owned Lifestyle Brand

 Volante Design
 The Sleekest outerwear 

Music + Podcasts


 Lex the Lexicon Artist



 Fake Geek Girls

Nerd For A Living

 Sartorial Geek


Emily Pearson

Grave Noise Press

Heather Curfman

 Jessica Marie Mercy

 Kelly Froh

Liana Kangas
 Tomi Adeyemi


Her Story

 JackBox Games

Stardew Valley 

 Thomas Was Alone