Pronoun Lanyards Now Available Online!

After a successful debut at NYCC, these cuties are ready for their debut on the world wide web! Get yours now!



The Inaugural Arbitrary Award Show – 10 Games I’m Excited About From PAX West 2019

Welcome to the first Arbitrary Award Show round up! These prestigious, yet completely arbitrary, awards are chosen by a committee of one—myself—and laid at the digital feet of their incredible developers. This year’s PAX West was bursting with talent, but in the end I could only grant ten awards...



The Sartorial Geek Episode 073: Jazzlyn Stone with Quality Commodity

I was able to announce something very special on one of my favorite podcasts! Hear all about my new endeavor, Quality Commodity below!



Devs Choose My Adventure For Me @ PAX West

This year I let go of the controls, and ask Devs what games they’re excited about at PAX West 2019 . . . Read my latest article for Sartorial Geek.



Building Your Own Themyscira recorded at SDCC 2019!

I had so much fun on this panel! My fellow panelists were dropping such amazing advice, I was forced to take notes on stage, and later when listening back to the recording.

Get your pencils ready and listen below!

sartorial-geek_podcast_episode_67 (1).jpeg

Nostalgia Marketing Panel!

Nostalgia Marketing Panel!

Nerd For A Living’s ECCC 2019 Photo Wrap-Up

I got to hang out with the folks of Nerd For A Living a lot at ECCC! Go check out their amazing write up and see photos of the eight panels they hosted and/or moderated!



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