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Hey, I’m Jazzlyn Stone! You may be familiar with me through my work with Bombsheller, Make Space Zine, or Cafe Marmalade. Seattle has become my home, but I grew up in Salt Lake City. I made my way here not long after my car broke down in Olympia, WA and consider this origin story a testament to my resilience. I always strive to accomplish what others try to deem impossible, and pride myself on my dedication to my work.

My talents include fostering communities, designing and directing pop-up events, and building solutions to gaps in the system. My current goals involve helping creators better market their art, developing my first podcast, and pursuing speaking opportunities. If you would like to collaborate, please email me at x(at)jazzlynstone(dot)com

Photo by  Stephen Klise

Photo by Stephen Klise

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My 2019 Con Schedule

  • ECCC

  • C2E2

  • SDCC

  • PAX West

  • RCCC

  • NYCC

  • Geek Girl Con


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