About Me

Hey, I’m Jazzlyn Stone. I pride myself on working hard and my ability to accomplish what others have deemed impossible. Originally from Salt Lake City, I ended up in Seattle shortly after my car broke down in Olympia, WA. I am nothing if not resilient. My talents include community building, Pop Up design, and the ability to build tools to fix gaps in the system. You may recognize my work from Bombsheller, Make Space Zine, or Cafe Marmalade. I am currently working on more Comic Con panels, my first podcast, and more ways to help artists offer their fans quality merch. If you would like to get coffee or collaborate, please email me at x(at)jazzlynstone(dot)com
Portrait by  Stephen Klise.


My 2019 Con Schedule

  • ECCC

  • C2E2

  • SDCC

  • PAX West

  • RCCC

  • NYCC


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